Posted: Mar 09 2016
by: Silvana Costa

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Friend's DONT LET Friend's GO FAUX or do THEY?

There's a time and place a season and a reason for everything--including conversations about FUR in fashion. One of the most dramatic and controversial materials in the industry, fur is one of things that you're either FOR or AGAINST!

Some of the most beautiful fashion statements are lavishly made using fur, and it cannot be denied that the material--used for centuries--is both warm and lasting. It has a luxe and organic quality that is both raw and divine, and the designers working with the material represent some of the most sought-after luxury brands in the world.

Sara Burton for Alexander McQueen  

Designers are not blind to the controversy and have been known to speak to it in their fashion shows. For example, Sara Burton for Alexander McQueen's 2012 Fall runway show sent stunning fur-clad models down the runway wearing "blinders." The collection was deffffff a super luxe euro ski resort kind of slopes to tea look--totally over the top-- but it could also be said that the show was an ironic nod to the fur polemic, asking what we're willing to see and not see in the name of beauty. 

Anti-fur extremists have gone so far as to cage themselves and wear garments made of skinned animals as a way to shed light on the horrors of backend of the fur industry, which is certainly not pretty. It cannot be denied that animals, raised strictly for their fur coats, are not treated well and often times slaughtered using less than ethical practices. Counter runway shows have popped up in London and Belfast, Ireland, where models have made strong statements against the use of fur in fashion and are known for the use extreme imagery.

Anti Fur Extreme


Wicked Peacock celebrates and respects both sides of the fur polemic and strives to carry products that are both fashion-forward and fashion-conscious--meaning we carry both vegan and non-vegan goods and do our best to source ethically-produced products whenever possible. Do we carry vegan leather? HELLZZZZ YEAH we DOOOO! Do we rock fur at times? YOU'LL Defffff see some FUR when we're FEELING THE VIBE! I mean sometimes you feel like a faux and some times you do not! xoxoxo

Written by June Wulff and Silvana Costa



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