Posted: Feb 17 2016
by: Silvana Costa

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We've got A LOT to Talk ABOUT

OMG, time flies! WICKED PEACOCK has been open for 3 years at our FLAGSHIP location in Rockport, MA, and it's been about that long since we've last BLOGGED!

Rockport MASS

Happy to SAY that WE ARE BACK and have a lot to say! Look for new posts on our FAVORITE #wickedpeacock pieces, the latest trends in jewelry, INSPIRATIONAL designers, and creative PEOPLE that we absolutely LOVE. 

We are sooo GRATEFUL for all of the LOVE and SUPPORT that you've shown us! All of the AMAZING WICKED PEACOCK'S out there STRUTTING their stuff have made US what we are--your PREMIER DESTINATION for Jewelry and Accessories on the North Shore. As we like to say #wickedpeacocksunite! Thank you so much for your FABULOUS SWAGGER and we look forward to seeing you this summer. 

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