Posted: Oct 20 2013
by: wickedpeacock

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Getting Styled By Kristy

Kristy Downer has been styling Boston ladies since her days working at Newbury Street’s premier consignment boutique, The Closet. There she was exposed to high-end labels, beautiful fabrics, and an eclectic palette of clothes that helped shape her editorial edge. Working with Industry Leaders like photographer Bob Packert and make-up artist Bre Welch, Kristy is certainly building a name for herself in the local Boston fashion scene, prop styling editorials for media publications like the Improper Bostonian. Her freelance business, Styled by Kristy, is certainly being talked-up in most of Boston’s fashion circles.



“When I was 16, I started working at Wet Seal which led to other retail jobs. Eventually I became a visual merchandiser and realized how much I loved putting together pieces that people wouldn't usually pair together. But ever since my younger years I remember playing with my mothers clothes.” Fast forward, and now she dreams of working with the likes of Isabel Marant and Rick Owens.


Inspired by European magazines for style, Kristy’s got her eye on Giovanna Battaglia and Carrie Bradshaw, for one thing. Hint: SO SHOULD YOU! And unlike many stylists who are inspired by the latest greatest fashion trends, Kristy incorporates vintage elements whenever possible because, as Downer says, “ vintage pieces were made to last; the fabrics are better and they’re made with care.”

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Wicked Peacock recently worked with Downer on a local shoot in Rockport, MA. With a free-flowing "gypsy" theme, we channeled "mambo" make-up, and big baubles.

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We caught up with Kristy to get the scoop on the life of a fashion stylist from an industry insider. Here’s what she had to say!

WP: Describe your typical day.

SBK: A typical day usually consists of emails with clients, shopping for specific pieces that suit whichever client's lifestyle/body type that I'm working with at that time and I read/look into what is going on in the fashion world. Blog posts and other miscellany tend to follow in the evening.

On a day that I have a client appointment, I gather all the pieces that I picked and bring them to their home for the client to try. With the pieces kept I mix and match with pieces that they already own to create new looks. That's my favorite part!

WP: Why do you think accessories are important to fashion styling?

SBK: Accessories can change a look dramatically. Take a plain sweatshirt and skinny jeans for example, on its own the look is a bit drab. Add a statement necklace and a chunky bracelet and bam, ready to go. Comfortable and stylish!

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WP: What are your plans for the future--how do you see your work evolving?

SBK: Every season I gain at least one new client. I hope to keep gaining more clients for personal shopping/personal styling. But also would LOVE to work on more photo shoots with larger clients. There is a lot of competition in the wardrobe styling world, but I am confident that as I build my portfolio and networking group more jobs will come in. Keep climbing, if you can't fly, run...if you can't run, walk..if you can't walk, crawl...but by all means, keep moving - Martin Luther King Jr.

WP: What has been your favorite shoot this far?

Recently I did a photo shoot on Lake Sunapee that had a vintage vibe. The props were amazing - vintage Jaguar and a cool vintage boat. I love vintage clothing, especially the 20's look and recreating that was so much fun! Working with photographer, Bob Packert, has been a real treat.


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