Posted: Oct 06 2013
by: wickedpeacock

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Wicked Animal Rescue League

Elizabeth Dobrska, Social Media Manager for the Animal Rescue League in Boston, is an AMAZING connector and networker. Passionate about animal welfare, she’s helped boost the Animal Rescue League’s online presence and social media prowess. 


Someone who starts each day with a smile, Dobrska is easy going, smart and BEAUTIFUL!  Wicked Peacock met Elizabeth when adopting my dog, GWEN STEFANI, from ARL, and the connection was solidified when our FAVORITE BLOGGER, Becky Brackett, met her at a networking event in Boston. 



We thought it was FATED, and fell immediately in LOVE with Elizabeth's vintage-inspired, colorful style.


Liz wearing Wicked Peacock

At the beginning of the summer, Wicked Peacock's Becky Brackett, and Silvana Costa caught up with Dobrska for a photoshoot and dinner in the eclectic Central Square, located in Cambridge MA.  

Liz wearing Wicked Peacock

1. You have a very interesting background, living in Poland, etc. Tell us more about it? What's your story?

I've lived on and off in Poland on several occasions. Most recently in 2011 when I worked at the at the National Museum in Krakow (I love to be surrounded by art and inspiring imagery). I grew up bilingual and only Polish was spoken in the home. I am eternally grateful to my parents for that, because so many first generation Americans don't speak their mother tongue and it helped me in learning other languages. Thanks to how I was raised, and the many summer that I spent in Poland, I've always had a strong connection to my heritage. I'm excited to be visiting Poland again in a few months!

2. How did you become involved with the Animal Rescue League?

I've been passionate about animal welfare since childhood. I would bring home any stray or injured animal I'd find. I have a background in marketing and communications and when the Marketing/Creative position became available at the ARL it was a natural transition. I think it's quite remarkable to be able to say that you believe 100% in what you're marketing and I believe 100% that people should adopt, rescue and care for animals.

3. Talk to us about accessories. Why do you love them?

An outfit is not complete without accessories. I never leave the house without wearing a piece of jewelry from my mother and grandmother. I suppose I'm sentimental in that way. My favorite accessories are big, bulky rings and large unique earrings. I've been wearing the fishbone style ones from Wicked Peacock all the time and I receive so many compliments about them, especially from cat lovers!

5. What are you listening to on your ipod?

Jack White, Dr. Dog, The Smiths, 1920s Polish Tango, A mix of 1960s girl groups like The Ronettes, Cab Calloway, Chopin, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek.

6. What do you see yourself doing in the future for work?

There's still so much I would like to do, so many places I would like to live in, but I would like to be more involved in music and the arts in the future.

7. Most coveted destination for traveling?


All photos taken by Becky Brackett



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