Posted: Aug 13 2013
by: wickedpeacock

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Weigh-in on WOOD

At Wicked Peacock we love to make a statement with our accessories. There is nothing better than rocking some bold bling to make any look fashion-forward and totally eye-catching. Sometimes, though, BOLD jewelry can be HEAVY. We know fab fashion sometimes requires a little discomfort, but as accessory addicts and lovers of large jewelry pieces, we have discovered the perfect solution: wood jewelry. Wood jewelry can be chunky and make a fun, colorful statement without the added weight!

Wood Necklaces

Wood jewelry is the perfect finishing touch for your sunny summer style because it is not only super lightweight, but can also add a fun pop of color. Try pairing a statement wood necklace like this one from Wicked Peacock with an airy maxi dress or a bright tank and some distressed boyfriend jeans for a light and colorful summer look. Do not be mistaken; these wooden pieces are not limited to warm weather ensembles, this light jewelry material can transition seamlessly into your fall wardrobe.


Wood Necklace

When the temperature begins to cool wood jewelry should still be considered as a go-to statement accessory. Adding a wooden necklace to a slouchy sweater is effortless and cozy, while still retaining the cool boho-chic vibe we at Wicked Peacock often envy and aim for. At Wicked Peacock’s retail location we have tons of chunky wood pieces that are not only shockingly lightweight, but also stylish and undeniably eye-catching. Mix up your materials and take a load off by working wood into your wardrobe!

Wood Jewelry

Written by Wicked Peacock style maven, College Fashionista blogger, Jenna Cunningham.


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