Posted: Jul 13 2013
by: wickedpeacock

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Tassel me THIS!

The intricate detail of peacock feathers is what makes them so strikingly beautiful. The combination of every little element, pattern and color is what gives the stunning bird its glamorous reputation. Inspired by our namesake, at Wicked Peacock we make sure to have accessories with the same beautiful attention to detail. One detail in particular that we currently LOVE is tassels. By adding a bangle with colorful tassel to your stack of bracelets your arm candy becomes instantly more fun and unique!

Tassel.2 Tassel LOVE

At Wicked Peacock we're OBSESSED with all things bohemian especially during the summer. Tassel or fringe adorned accessories are a great way to add a little boho to your look. If you have any question in your mind about the cool factor or the fresh and fashionable status of tassels this season check out Dolce and Gabbana’s spring/summer 2013 collection.

dolce-gabbana-rtw-ss2013-14_121049265872 dolce-gabbana-rtw-ss2013-04_12104162123

D & G made tassels totally enviable with tons of great colors and bold, bright accessories. Can’t make it on the island vacation you’ve been dreaming about? Incorporating tassels into your wardrobe totally transports your style, giving the vibe of an exotic island getaway.


Pair your tasseled accessories with a flowy floral dress or a loose, neon blouse and high-waisted cut-offs for an effortless, but exciting look. Wicked Peacock has some great tassel options! Check out this tasseled necklace on Wicked Peacock’s website or come browse our retail location for other awesome pieces!

NYX Studio Tassel Necklace

The details are what make accessories so fun, so try rocking some tassels and add some cool, exotic new detail to your summer style!

Written by Wicked Peacock style maven, College Fashionista blogger, Jenna Cunningham.


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