Posted: Jun 29 2013
by: wickedpeacock

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Clink-it This Summer: Fabulous Link Jewelry

At Wicked Peacock we believe strongly in having fun with your accessories in the most stylish way possible! One of the best ways to update your look and stay up to date with the season’s latest fashion trends without investing in an entirely new wardrobe is by picking up some cool new accessories to spice things up!

One of the biggest accessory trends this season is link jewelry. Hollah!


Don't fret, Wicked Peacock has many incredible and exciting link pieces that can give a fun, youthful and chic edge to any ensemble.

Link Jewelry

One great benefit to these link pieces is that they are super lightweight – always a perk for the summertime. How bold you want to be with your link jewelry is up to you, but at Wicked Peacock our motto is usually – the bigger the better!

Make a statement with a large chunky resin link necklace like the ones at Wicked Peacock’s retail location or try something a bit subtler with some cool and colorful link earrings.

Link Jewelry

Pair your trendy link pieces with a flowy maxi-dress for a light and airy summer look that can take you from day to night.

Flowy Dress

Wicked Peacock also has tons of link jewelry that could be the perfect finishing touch for a basic t-shirt and jeans. A fun link necklace can add a fun, funky and fiercely fashionable Wicked Peacock edge to your summer style!

Written by Wicked Peacock style maven, College Fashionista blogger, Jenna Cunningham.


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