Posted: Jun 18 2013
by: wickedpeacock

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Fedora Swagger

At Wicked Peacock we BELIEVE IN the power of a great hat. Hats can completely change the mood of a look and transform your style as well as protect your BEAUTIFUL face from the harsh rays of the sun. Summer is all about no-fuss fashion and a hat can be KEY. Bad hair day? Don’t fear! Simply throw on an adorable fedora – problem solved.

Wicked Peacock Fedora

At Wicked Peacock’s new retail location we have some great fedoras that should be a staple in everyone’s summer wardrobes. Fedoras are a favorite for summer and are also surprisingly versatile. But how do YOU rock your fedora: LA style or East Coast style?

Celebs in Fedoras

What are these different styles you may ask? Well LA style is all about an effortless laid-back look. Simply tilt your fedora back for a super stylish and breezy California vibe. We adore the easy-going boho beach feel this style gives any outfit and the golden state is full of celebrities rocking this look.

LA Style

The East Coast style gives a completely different vibe with a simply tilt of the fedora. Think of this as the Frank Sinatra style! Tilt the front brim of your fedora down for an edgy and chic, but equally stylish look. By hiding your eyes you add an element of mystery and a whole lot of cool. The East Coast is all about cool sophisticated style and we absolutely love it.

East Coast Style

Try pairing your fedora with some stylish shades and some chunky statement jewelry like this Blue and Green Riverstone Bib Necklace or the Metropolis Cuff, both available on Wicked Peacock!

Riverstone Necklace

Metropolis Cuff

Whether you are more LA or more East Coast, Wicked Peacock has the perfect pieces to complement either style.

Just remember, whichever style you choose be sure to rock it, YOUR WAY!!

Frank Sinatra

Written by Wicked Peacock style maven, College Fashionista blogger, Jenna Cunningham.


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