Posted: May 05 2013
by: wickedpeacock

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A Natural Designer

Inspired by nature and all its complexities, jewelry designer Sahsa Walsh, of Sasha Walsh Designs, is a natural creative. A native of northern New Jersey, it was there that her love of the natural world took shape. Though it wasn’t until her junior year of college, as a painting major, that she realized being a creative was her passion and something she wanted to pursue full time.

Sasha Walsh Design for Wicked Peacock

There’s an organic almost bohemian quality to her work, much of which is inspired by her hometown and her adventures around New England.  “I absolutely love the organization of crystal formations and branches.  I am most excited about creating pieces that appear as direct replications of recognizable organic pieces however disrupted by the human hand.” Though a city-dweller, Walsh enjoys hiking and being surrounded by nature all of the time. “It is always nice to get out of the city limits and appreciate what is around you.”


A full time designer, Walsh takes up shop in Boston’s South end, and also works with other jewelers, helping design and create new collections. Working mainly in wax and sterling silver, she also creates using brass and vintage Swarovski crystals in her designs.

A day in the studio, known as STUDIO 600, starts with a cup of coffee.  It varies from computer work to creating new pieces, to drawing for inspiration. Whatever antics are happening in the workspace, you can be sure that Sasha is listening to tons of music. In the future she’s hoping to create bigger pieces, incorporating more semi precious stones as well as focusing on statement one-of-a-kinds.


We caught up with Sasha recently to get the scoop on how she ended up in Boston and who she’d LOVE to design for if given the chance. Here’s the skinny:

 WP: How did you end up in Boston? Where did you grow up?

SW: I grew up in northern Jersey where there are plenty of lakes and woods to explore.  When I was looking at colleges I realized that I had never been to Massachusetts, let alone boston.  I grew up going in and out of New york every weekend of my life and realized that boston was such an amazing hidden gem.  Massachusetts College of Art and Design was my calling.

WP:  Who would you LOVE to design for?

SW: Betsey Johnson! When I was younger I studied at F.I.T in NY and was always so INSPIRED by her crazy outfits, make up and shoes.  I always wanted to spend a day with her and make the crazies piece ever for her to wear!

Betsy Johnson


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