Posted: Apr 18 2013
by: wickedpeacock

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Tech Goes Jewelry with Laser Cut Wood Looks

Joyo jewelry, a new line from Boston-based, Jenn Liddiard, is the perfect combination of city slicker meets nature lover. Made from laser-cut wood, and inspired from things like cityscapes, museums, the natural world and urban grid lines, Joyo jewelry is part organic part chic.

Urban Influenced, Nature Inspired

An Art History major at Boston University, with a focus on African art, and more recently a graphic design certificate program at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Joyo’s formal design training really helped her ideate and master the programs she uses to design her pieces.


“I have a habit of looking for patterns in ordinary places, like storm drains, sidewalk bricks, window grates, and fences – things that normally blend into our everyday surroundings. I like to find little bits of design that draw folks in. I suppose in a way it is that kind of thinking that influences my jewelry. I like to make pieces that encourage people to look more closely.”Joyo

As for the process of laser-cutting wood, we will absolutely default to the experts. Though it’s not exactly scary to operate lasers, it isn’t for the feint of heart either. “They’re like a big printer and have safety features, so I’m not usually worried about burning my eyes out or something, but I do have to be careful with delicate and expensive pieces like the lenses and I have to make sure my settings are correct for the material I’m working with so I don’t accidentally set something on fire.”

A brand new line, Joyo blossomed in the summer of 2012, and she’s been one busy bee ever since. A typical day in her studio—which is being overhauled and renovated—includes e-mails, staining birch wood, laminating veneer, fulfilling orders, sketching designs or photographing new work.

Our New Obsession

 “I don’t know exactly when I became a jewelry designer. I first learned how to make beaded jewelry from a college roommate, and as I made more things, friends and family became interested and purchased my designs. It expanded from there, but it wasn’t until I recently discovered what laser technology could do that suddenly all these sketches I’d had for more graphic, modern pieces could come to life.”

Metropolis Necklace

Her wooden jewelry is totally wearable and looks great with casual bohemian classics like slouchy sweaters and cut-offs, as well as preppy, toned-down frocks, and office-appropriate sheath dresses. Self-described as “versatile and transitional,” Joyo jewelry is at once edgy, bold, clean and modern, with the hopes of transcending trends to stand the test of time.



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