Posted: Feb 27 2013
by: wickedpeacock

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A Thousand Reasons to LOVE Jewelry

A Thousand Facets

A self-admitted jewelry addict, the Blogger behind the AMAZINGLY CURATED visual dreamscape otherwise know as, A Thousand Facets, loves jewelry not only for its beauty but also its emotionality. Passed down through generations, she believes, as does Wicked Peacock, that accessories tell a story, hold memories, connect us to the past, and have history. “Accessories define us as unique individuals. Two people can wear the same outfit, but if they style it with different accessories, it'll make for a completely unique look! And that's the beauty of it, you can reinvent yourself with a new necklace, a great pair of earrings, stacks of bangles!! It is so much fun!”

A Thousand Facets

As for confidence and beauty, A Thousand Facets, like Wicked Peacock, believes that accessories can empower. “For me is all about how you carry yourself while wearing a great piece of jewelry! You can wear a gorgeous over-the- top necklace, but if you are shy and slouchy, nobody will notice. When you put a great piece of jewelry and you are walking straight, with your head up high and owning yourself, that's a statement!”

A Thousand Facets came to jewelry by way of design school, took a jewelry class and was hooked for life. And it shows. Her BLOG is a mix of wearable and trendy pieces, statement stunners and highly artistic sculptural jewelry. A Thousand Facets presents a range of styles and pieces, and is an amazing resource if you’re looking for inspiration.

Studio Shots

A Thousand Facets believes that jewelry design is an art, and a serious one at that! “Anybody can put beads on a string, that's a given!. But to think about a concept, a unique idea that can be created is art! When you wear a special piece of jewelry, something that is hand-made, you are wearing a piece that was thought about by an individual. This is the same as art or an idea. An individual put something together and showcased it for the world to see! It’s just a beautiful thing!”

A Thousand Facets

Her personal jewelry choices are as eclectic as her blog, and she admits to loving small, whimsical pieces just as much as larger than life statement-making boldfacers. And the way she blends things together into a look, all depends on her mood. “Sometimes I start with the shoes and build an outfit up to the jewelry, or sometimes (most of the time) when I either buy or make a piece of jewelry, I build it from it. Everything inspires me! But the funny thing is, I'm very picky! Even though I like many eras, trends, colors and silhouettes, I'm extremely selective of what I buy.”

Wicked Peacock Favorites

We got the skinny on all things travel and trends from this jewelry DIVA.

How do jewelry trends start?

Many places!.. It can start on a runway, in NY, Paris or London ,or it can start on a corner in Brooklyn by a no name designer. It can even start by somebody wearing something and going viral on Pinterest or Instagram! That's the beauty/curse of the internet, we see so many things on the cyber space, we are bound to be attracted to something! And sometimes, it'll stick for a while! But I do think being an individual, is the most important thing!

Tell us a little about yourself...what's a typical Friday night? Monday afternoon?

I'm actually not super interesting! I'm pretty normal, I have a job, a husband (no kids), I spend my free time, either researching, making, or buying jewelry! I can tell you, Monday afternoons you can find me having lunch in my favorite spot in NYC. There's an amazing cafe on 37th St. called Picnic Basket that I'm obsessed with,  and on a Friday night, I'd be having dinner with my hubs, either home or out. I love trying new things, going to new places. We are always out an about (as much as time allows) checking a new town, store, restaurant or museum. We love to explore!

Who's your favorite jewelry designer and why?

This is a loaded question! I have so many, I can't tell you one specific! To be honest, if you go to my blog, all the designers I post, I love! I would never put the work of somebody I don't believe in! It’s very hard to single out couple of designers! I truly respect the creativity, view point and eye of the designers whose work I post, and I'm very lucky to know an have relationships with some of them. Getting to know a designer either by email or in person is an incredible privilege, because you get to know the reasons behind their work. And with their work, you get to know their soul.

Talk about your travels--where was the most amazing place for jewelry you've been to?

Paris!!! It can't get better than that! I love the style in Paris. It is so over the top, gorgeous and unique. You buy something in Paris and people take such good care of your purchase. It is so special. I learned how to appreciate art, how to love fashion. Going to Paris changed my life in so many ways!!



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