Posted: Feb 20 2013
by: wickedpeacock

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Blogger with a CREATIVE SOUL

We are so BLESSED that Boston has a wealth of  foodie and fashion blogs but there seems to be a gap where design blogs are concerned. Enter Amy from Creative Soul Spectrum. A graphic designer at a children's book publishing company, she launched CSS in March 2011 as an additional outlet for her creative passions. Through the blog she hopes to inspire others to try something new - whether it be photography, sewing, DIY, painting, or cooking.

Creative Soul Spectrum

We don't just LOVE Creative Soul Spectrum, we're full-blown obsessed! Why? Amy's attention to design detail, for starters. Couple this with AMAZING DIY projects and other USEFUL information that INSPIRES our creative forces. Not many BLOGS offer the complete package, and this one does. Another thing we value about Creative Soul Spectrum is Amy's willingness to openly share her super smart ideas with others and spread the LOVE. She offers "Freebies" on her BLOG that are pretty darn cool--downloads, printable goodies and product giveaways. AND her manicure tips are not to be ignored!


Creative Soul Spectrum celebrates the best of great design and DIY. What we love about Amy is that while she highlights great design, she also encourages others to incorporate great design in their own lives and often gives you the tools to do so by offering tutorials and downloads. We especially look forward to her monthly desktop backgrounds, which, according to our design and marketing fave Becky Brackett, "upgrade my work computer and make my desk a little cheerier."

At Wicked Peacock our passion is for accessories, but we have an appreciation for design in every sphere. We often draw inspiration from street art, music, and many other forms. We were so excited to connect with Amy and learn that she too finds inspiration in many places. We chatted more with her to find out what gets her creative juices flowing, what accessories she loves, and what advice she has for blogger newbies!

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Where do you pull inspiration from when putting together posts for CSS?

The inspiration for my posts come from all over the place! Everyday items seem to be a pretty big source of inspiration for me. I look at things at think "what could I do with that", or "I could make something like that" or "that color palette might look nice in a design". Sometimes, I'm inspired by the materials and craft supplies I have at home. When I have the urge to create, but don't know exactly what I want to do, I just look at what I have to work with, and that's usually enough to get my creative juices flowing. Other great sources of inspiration for me are books, magazines, photographs, trips I take, Pinterest, and of course my fellow bloggers who are constantly providing the world with creative content.


What do you love about the Boston blogging community?

When it comes to the Boston blogging community, I love the friendly faces! I love seeing the Boston bloggers out and about, and catching up what they're working on. They're such an inspiring group, and I'm happy to have made so many friends through this community!


How has blogging changed your life?

Blogging has changed my life in lots of ways, but most importantly it has given me a great new perspective, and has provided me amazing opportunities that I wouldn't have experienced otherwise. I have met so many people (the lovely ladies of Wicked Peacock for instance) and have been able to make amazing connections through my blog!

As far as my new perspective, since I'm always coming up with new content for my blog, I see new experiences as an opportunity to share what I've learned with others. Therefore, I don't tend to take these new experiences for granted, and I enjoy taking the time to reflect on them.

What are your recommendations for bloggers just starting out - or someone considering starting a blog?

I think that the best piece of advice I could give to any new blogger is to be yourself! You're probably starting a blog because you feel like you have something unique to offer the world. Stay true to that, and I think you will find your blog to be a happy place for yourself and for your readers.

What role do accessories play in your everyday life?

As an artist, I'm all about finding different ways to express myself, whether it be through my art, my words, or what I wear. I think that accessories are a great way to visually show off your personality. Whether I'm going to work or going out, I tend to dress according to my mood. Without accessories, my outfit wouldn't be complete, and my mood wouldn't be completely expressed!

Style it Up

What's your favorite piece from Wicked Peacock?

I adore every single piece in the Wicked Peacock collection, but the one item that always catches my eye when I'm perusing the shop is the black and gold Single Zip Bracelet. I think it's the perfect blend of funky and classy, and I love how bold and unique it is. I feel like a piece like this would really express my personality!

Single Zip Bracelet

Co-Authored by Becky Brackett and Silvana Costa || Interview by Becky Brackett


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