Posted: Jan 28 2013
by: wickedpeacock

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Signature Style

A hands-on learner, Somerville-based designer Emily Scott developed her signature style after attending jewelry school. Inspired by tattoo culture and old Sailor Jerry work, her signature look is at once preppy, vintage and edgy, the kind of jewelry that makes a statement without saying a word.

Sailor Jerry Influence

In addition to developing a signature style, she designs and forges custom wedding rings and engagement bands. A happy accident, Emily didn’t set out to customize rings, but has come to enjoy working with couples, particularly because they put a tremendous amount of thought into their rings. “I started designing engagement rings while still in school. I had a few friends getting engaged and they really liked the idea of me doing the work. They all had family diamonds, which I am a huge fan of. I love the idea of taking something that was so meaningful to a person in your family and making it a part of your new family.”



And it doesn’t hurt that she LOVES to work with diamonds, admitting that whatever the designs, diamonds always make a piece look fancy and glam.

Diamond Studs

Emily was always a creative type and began her jewelry career beading and selling beaded jewelry. Unfulfilled with stringing beads, she looked into metalsmithing programs and was accepted into the North Bennet Street School in 2005. “The program is intense: 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 18 months. Classes are non-traditional: benchwork with a progression of projects that you have to complete in order to get your diploma. The work is hard, tedious, stressful and not for everyone. Some people just can't hack it, and it takes a few months to figure out if you can or not. I remember waiting tables with Bandaids on every finger, and once I even lit one of my fingers on fire. At one point I was about to give up, then something clicked, things started to make sense, and then it all started to come naturally.”

She opened her studio in 2010, given that meeting in coffeeshops with sample diamonds started to get “a little weird.” Complete with an e.scott mascot and professional greeter—Mayble, the fabulous—the studio is an eclectic mix of vintage fixtures and suitcases.


Meet Mayble

E.Scott Studio

So what do you do if you’re serious about becoming a jeweler?

According to Emily: go to school and find a mentor. “I think it's super important to do both if you're really serious about becoming a jeweler. The full-time program gives you all the technical skills you need to be able to make functional, high quality, jewelry. Learning from someone in the business gives you the ability to see those skills applied in the real world fashion. I think if you only learn from 1 mentor, you only ever get their take on things. On the other hand, if you only go to school you never really see how to make your knowledge work in a way that can start a career.”

E.Scott Originals

In fact, Emily is a mentor to aspiring metalsmiths and an advisor to the North Bennet Street School. Inspired by two women that touched her life, it was important for Emily to give back and pass the torch, literally. “I mentor two students now. Since most of my business is custom work, I am constantly meeting with people so it’s helpful for them to see how those meetings go, how I problem solve, and how I can turn someone's ideas into a piece of jewelry.”

We caught up with e.scott to find out what’s in store:

What’s next for e.scott originals?

“Well, I'd like to gain a little more online presence and figure out how to get my work on a celebrity or two. I'm not looking to get famous, but I'd like to make sure I can run my shop comfortably and have a fun life.”

Who's wedding ring would you like to design?

“Well... I love Gwen Stefani.... Always have always will. I think she'd gorgeous, funky and super fun so she'd be amazing to design for. She's got such and eclectic style, but has a classic feel to her too, which I think would blend well with my aesthetic.”


  • WOW Em – what a great review- God knows you deserve it!! Glad all seems to be going well – hope Gwen Stephanie reads this………….. Uncle Scotty & Aunt Katie

    Posted by Uncle Scotty & Aunt Katie on January 31, 2013

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