Posted: Dec 21 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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from Oregon with LUV

Bevin jewelry, designed by Colleen Smith, is unassumingly editorial and absolutely wearable. Hand-forged in Portland Oregon, Bevin Jewelry is made with metals like brass and sterling silver, and often includes semi-precious gemstones. Inspired by the metal itself, Colleen loves molding, shaping, hammering and working it. "The fact that I can take a piece of metal and create something authentic from it will never get old."

Drawing inspiration from nature, architecture, stones and metal, Colleen loves to re-imagine her surroundings into a piece of jewelry. She's also very much inspired by the fashion scene. "So many of my first designs came from creating pieces that would make my outfits pop." She's always known that she wanted to "make" things, and has loved jewelry from a young age, but the education and the overall process it required intimidated her. "I knew it was a done deal, however, after my first metalsmithing class. I think I completely melted my first project, but I was hooked. And luckily, I chose to press on."

Bevin Jewelry on Wicked Peacock

Modern and geometric, the jewelry is stunning with both casual and dynamic looks. You can wear her statement pieces against a solid-colored dress or pair with prints for an added bit of texture. We love the clean timeless quality of the work, coupled with its sophistication.

Enamor Necklace

Colleen designs using several processes. "Sometimes I’ll sketch something before I start putting it together. Other times I start with the metal; working with it, adding to it and taking away until a design emerges that excites me. When that happens, I try to wear it and gather feedback. Depending on what I hear, my design may need a few tweaks to make it more wearable or it’s ready to take to completion."

Bevin Jewelry featured on Wicked Peacock

We caught up with Colleen for some tidbits as to what's on the horizon for Bevin Jewelry.

 Bevin Jewelry

WICKED PEACOCK: What piece of jewelry do you believe every woman should have?

BEVIN JEWELRY: I can’t pick just one! I think every woman should have a statement piece that expresses something about herself and makes her feel beautiful when it’s on. There’s also something remarkable about a classic, wear-with-everything necklace; one that’s simple and graceful and can really stand the test of time.

WP: What’s on the horizon for Bevin?

BJ: 2013 is going to be one for the books! I’ve just barely launched a holiday collection and I seriously want to wear all of it. (I’ve already picked out my birthday present for myself.) And thankfully, we’re still growing and gaining exposure – our jewelry will be available in even more shops next year! Wicked Peacock has been an incredible venue for getting our jewelry out there and we love seeing our designs on an array of gorgeous models.

WP: Where would you like  to go on a dream vacation?

BJ: This changes, depending on where I’ve gone last. Right now, I’m craving a spot that’s quiet, tropical and beachside. After that, I’d like to stay in a villa in the Italian countryside.


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