Posted: Dec 29 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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Local Love: Victoria Barnaby

Victoria BarnabyAt Wicked Peacock we love connecting with other movers and shakers who share our passion for accessories and style. We were thrilled to connect with local fashion figure, Victoria Barnaby and snap some shots of her wearing WP accessories. As a competitor in the Greater Boston Track Club, all around fitness-fanatic, marketer, foodie, and occasional model, Victoria is the definition of well-rounded. Working for PUMA International as a Global Digital Retail Marketing Manager, she has to be put-together and polished at all times. For this shoot we glammed up Victoria's office appropriate outfit with Turquoise Earrings and a Rock Quartz Crystal Fringe Necklace.

Victoria BarnabyWe talked with Victoria about her personal style, what she loves about Boston and some of her favorite places around town.

WP: How would you describe your personal style?

VB: I'd like to tell you it was something easily summed up in a short, concise phrase like "boho chic" - but truthfully my style varies with the day, season, event, and circumstances.

I run or work out almost everyday so in general whatever I put together post-exercise has to be fairly low-maintenance but at the same time polished.

Clothing-wise I've always been an earth tone kind of girl and instead like to let my accessories be the standout piece; a printed scarf, chunky necklace, bangles or a bright cocktail ring are in regular rotation for me. Accessories are easy to pack and throw on and instantly upgrade your look; my fail-proof look is fitted jeans, boots and a blazer with a standout piece of jewelry or scarf.

WP: Working in Retail/Marketing it's important to be polished. Do accessories play a role in elevating your office look?

VB: Absolutely. In Retail Marketing your work and your personal presentation must be sealed up all the time. I truly believe accessories are what transform an outfit from mediocre to "put together." In an office environment hemlines should not be the focus.

I personally find it difficult to regularly wear busy prints. Because they are so noticeable and loud - the office mates you see everyday probably know the last time you wore the piece. Accessories can help you stand out in a positive, less obtrusive way.

Accessories also allow me to stretch out the seasonal life of my clothing. I air mostly on the side of classic cut tops and sweaters instead refresh my accessories and jewelry. Plus they're easier to ask for as gifts!

Anchor Studs

WP: What's your favorite piece of jewelry from Wicked Peacock?

VB: Do I have to choose? In all seriousness though, I adored the Turquoise Earrings I wore on the photo shoot. Turquoise is one of those stones that works year-round and is always eye-catching. However I got a sneak peak at some of the Anchor Stud Earrings, and I think those are my favorite, final answer. And for a few reasons. I grew up in Newburyport a block away from the water and anything nautical reminds me of home. I also think they are the perfect gift for a sister or girlfriend. And lastly, I have a nasty habit of losing earrings when changing in/out of clothes before working out, so a classic stud works best to wear regularly. The less I take them off, the less I risk losing one or both!

WP: What's our outlook on the fashion scene in Boston? Any favorite fashion events to attend?

VB: The fashion scene is certainly growing and evolving which is promising for anyone attune to that industry. Case in point, Fashion Night Out and Boston Fashion Week. Even the difference between this year and last year's offerings is phenomenal - and there's so much more Boston could be doing with it in the future.

I must say though, I very much appreciate what the Liberty Hotel has achieved with it's Fashionably Late Thursdays. They're not just offering a once a year event but an ongoing fashion outing. I hope other popular venues take note and consider something similar.

I would also love to see an evolution of our fashion scene to start to mix with some of our local entertainment talent. Between the regular independent film showings and theatre performances, I think there's an opportunity to showcase fashion beyond a traditional fashion show.

VICTORIA wearing NCB Jewelry

WP: What are some of your favorite places in Boston?

VB: That's a tough one. I've lived in so many different areas of the city that all have their own special hole-in-the-wall spots.

Clothing-wise Bobbles & Lace tends to be my go-to spot for a special, reasonably priced outfit. I think an awesome fashion forward business in the North End is Savas Studios - a hybrid retail / photo studio / event venue.

For food - I adore tapas and love Taberna de Haro. I love love loe to eat and tapas allow me to try lots of dishes in one sitting. Also a cool wine bar that opened recently is Sip. Again I hate choosing just one thing and at Sip you can try lots of wines by ordering "sips" or half glasses.

Photography Silvana Costa || Text Becky Brackett || Jewelry Wicked Peacock


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