Posted: Nov 07 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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Jewelry for Free Spirits: Heron & Lamb

A woman who likes to walk in the woods, Chicago-based designer Raven Locadia of Heron & Lamb jewelry, always loved drying flowers and collecting things.  Often wearing flowers in her hair, it eventually dawned on Raven to dry the flowers and design a line of jewelry for herself that preserved all of her favorite plants so she could wear them through the years.

Heron and Lamb

This hobby turned into a collection of glass jewelry that includes vintage butterfly wings, fine vintage lacerare plant matter and dried flowers.

Perfect for a free-spirited style, Heron & Lamb’s jewelry is at once sweet, nostalgic and feminine.

Heron & Lamb on Wicked Peacock

Sourcing materials from walks, gardens, florists and vintage shops, Heron & Lamb Jewelry is nostalgic and full of stories. “Most of the pieces I design stem from memories. I feel like my designs are a scrapbook of so many amazing memories. When I was a kid, my uncle would collect butterflies and display them under glass. He had hundreds of them, and he would quiz my cousins and I on the different species. It meant so much for us to have that hands-on experience as children. I think about it every time I create the preserved butterfly designs. The flowers and lace remind me so much of weekends at my grandmother’s house, where creativity was always encouraged. “

 Heron & Lamb on Wicked Peacock

A self-taught artist, Raven’s the type who learns better at her own pace. She watches YOU-Tube tutorials, reads extensively on design and technique, and is very hands-on in her process. “There’s nothing more frightening and gratifying,” she says, “than sitting down and actually cutting and soldering the glass, torching the metal, and getting the desired patina for every piece. I’m constantly learning new ways and pushing myself to my limits physically and creatively. I am in the process of learning lost wax casting a well as metal clay techniques.”

Heron and Lamb Jewelry

 We love her rustic and nostalgic style! Vintage-chic! Thanks, Heron & Lamb!


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