Posted: Nov 01 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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[caption id="attachment_1089" align="alignleft" width="1024"]The Boston Fashionista wearing Pearl Fringe Bracelet Kristen wears the Pearl Fringe Bracelet stacked with the Dome Cuff Bracelet.[/caption]

Blogging, social media & accessories. Matches made in heaven! Speaking of, The Boston Fashionista Kristen Uekermann is blessed with a brilliant blog, social media savvy and killer accessory sense - the ultimate trifecta! She’s absolutely unstoppable! Looking fabulous in fringe earrings and oversized sunnies, we caught up with her to chat about jewelry, her life as a blogger, what she loves about social media, and to get her take on the Boston fashion scene.

Craving to connect with people who shared her interests and wanting to open a dialogue about style in our city, Kristen founded her blog in March 2011. Today she tackles the challenges that a fashionista faces in Boston by shining a spotlight her own sartorial journey - in hopes that her readers can learn from her experiences and concurrently develop their own personal style. She offers realistic styling tips that can be used daily - because yes, those heels are stunning but you’re going to have to navigate among the cobblestones! (And trust us, it only gets more difficult as the leaves pile up).

The Boston Fashionista
So what role does social media play in The Boston Fashionista's life? Before starting TBF she wasn’t on twitter, but now she loves it. “It's a way to connect with readers in real time, which goes back to the blog's core purpose - having conversations with people who are interested in the same things! I think Instagram follows along those lines - it allows us glimpses into other people's lives, and, when done right, reflects the beauty of simple things.”

Kristen acknowledges that blogging takes a lot of work and time, but is thankful for all of the unique opportunities that come her way as a result. She encourages those thinking about blogging to take the jump and do it! “You meet interesting people, have new, exciting opportunities, and build relationships with readers, other bloggers and brands. The relationships you build are the most important thing you gain from blogging, which is funny, since many people think of blogging as being a very solitary existence.”

[caption id="attachment_1103" align="alignleft" width="1024"]The Boston Fashionista Hanging with Kristen at the South End Buttery. She wears the Turquoise Wrap Necklace.[/caption]

A Boston resident of 7 years, Kristen describes the city's vibe as "next generation Brahmin." She says we're a city that takes classic looks and updates them so the "overall look is modern and fresh." We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

To keep a look that's modern, The Boston Fashionista LOVES accessories and looks absolutely amazing in Wicked Peacock. For a chic and sophisticated look, pair hounds-tooth with a turquoise wrap necklace, as seen on Kristen, and accent with a classic cuff bracelet and pearls.

If you haven’t checked out The Boston Fashionista we suggest you head there immediately for outfit inspiration!

Today she's posting a second rocker chic look in the same Little Black Dress and our fabulous Moroccan Dangle Earrings. Same dress, different accessories

Boston Fashionista wearing Pearl Fringe Bracelet

Photography: Becky Brackett & Silvana Costa || Styling: The Boston Fashionista || Jewelry: Wicked Peacock


  • Likewise! We had a blast accessorizing you! Such fabulous style! Thanks so much!

    Posted by Wicked Peacock on November 02, 2012
  • Hi WP! Thanks for working with me on this! I was amazed at all of the different and beautiful pieces you have on the site – such a wonderful selection!

    Posted by The Boston Fashionista on November 02, 2012

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