Posted: Oct 15 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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Getting Real with Renee Marcou

Wicked Peacock first met singer/songwriter Renee Marcou at an event hosted by Justin Springer this summer at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. A powerhouse of a singer, Renee's voice is as deep and soulful as she is. In addition to singing and sharing her musicality with others, she also works as a life coach at Soul to Soul, where she helps people define their goals, really think about what they want, and bring meaning into their lives using the universal laws of attraction.

Renee Marcou wearing E. Scott Originals

On set of a recent shoot, we had some time to "get real" with the singer, learn about some of her her beliefs and get some insights on performing on stage.

Renee Marcou and Jocelyn Wood

WP: What’s the best thing about being on stage?

 RM: The best thing about being on stage is connecting with the audience and performing FOR them.  When I go on stage, my heart is wide open. I’m ready to fill-up the audience with joy, fun, love, and connect them to the high vibrations of the songs that I'm singing. I absolutely LOVE being on stage and performing with my band. We all share this passion together, and are all on the same wave-length. We’re on an extremely high level as a band.

WP: And the worse thing about being on stage?

RM: The worst thing about being on stage—and it only happens once and a while—is the cord attached to my microphone! I always prefer a cordless mic so I can easily dance, go in the audience, move around, connect with each band member and have the freedom to explore all points of the stage. I have had performances where the mic has come out of the microphone because one of my dancers, or I stepped on the cord and pulled it out. And, yes, I have tripped over it in my huge high heels, too.

Renee Marcou

WP: You write your own music, can you tell us about that process, what inspires you?

RM: Writing my own music is like telling my story. It begins when I have an inspired feeling to express myself through my pen and paper. I am always in a completely open-hearted mind frame when I write. It’s a peaceful place for me. Sometimes I’ll write in the record studio, or in front of a waterfall on a hike in nature. I've literally written lyrics in the shower before. The paper’s gotten wet and smudged, but I can still understand it. Regardless of where I am when I write, I am always in the focused space of telling a story and I think about how I can communicate these feelings to my listeners. It's a beautiful time for expression.

Renee wearing Pink Skull Necklace

WP: In addition to performing, you’re also a life coach. Can you talk about your philosophy?

RM: Life coaching is such a gift that has been given to me. Most people who work with a life coach will experience a literal transformation. If I were to tell you my philosophy on universal laws, deliberately creating your own life, experiencing higher-level emotions, I would be here all night.

First you have to recognize where you are right now. It’s important to breathe deeply into the current moment without distractions and focus. Quiet your mind and start to be HERE. Once you do this, you can create how you want your life to be. We all have this power within us, yet so many of us don’t realize that we truly are infinite beings living in a world of limitless possibilities. It’s true, you can have what you desire, and if you're questioning yourself, or telling yourself, 'that's not true, it will never happen for me,’ those are limiting beliefs that plagued you and have played in your mind year after year. Maybe you’ve adopted these beliefs from someone else or maybe that's how you were raised.

My coaching helps people release old ways of thinking and start having ‘new’ beliefs. I tell my clients to begin to say things like, 'I attract what I put out in the world' or 'I believe in myself' or ‘I am powerful beyond measure.’ We all have the POWER to create our futures, and when feel good we are Empowered. We are all beautiful beyond measure.

Renee Marcou wearing Split Earrings

Some of my favorite pieces on Wicked Peacock are NYX Studio's "The Law of Attraction Bracelets" bracelets, which come in a variety of stones, simply because of the power the stones have to help assisting you in what you are attracting. LOVE IT.

Renee Marcou & NYXPhotography: Becky Brackett & Silvana Costa || Hair: Jocelyn Wood of G20 Spa and Salon || Make-Up: Ashley Graham of G20 Sap & Salon || Jewelry: Wicked Peacock


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