Posted: Oct 02 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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Wicked Peacock Rocks with Renee Marcou

Renee Marcou

Renee Marcou is pure talent. The Boston-based model, singer, songwriter and producer recorded her first CD in NYC at age 15, and has been performing in the United Stated and Caribbean Islands ever since.

Renee Marcou wearing Magdalena Stokalska

Renee Marcou wearing Bevin Jewelry

“I have been singing all my life, but if you can believe it, I was painfully shy as a little girl to the point that I didn't share my voice with anyone. In third grade, three friends and I formed a singing group modeled after the Spice Girls (LOL!), and I sang in front of my elementary class with my 'girl band.’ This was my first public performance.”


As a young performer Marcou was inspired by legendary BIG voices, such as Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston. Marcou grew up listening to an array of genres including classic rockers like The Beatles, The Police, U2, and Aerosmith, but counts Pop music and R&B as key influencers as well.

Renee Marcou wearing Bevin Jewelry

“A friend of mine brought me to NYC when I was a teenager. Her brother was taking classes as an audio engineer. He and I recorded for about two days. When I came back to Boston, I sent my CD out everywhere. This energized my parents, and, as the universe would have it, doors started to open. I knew I always wanted to be a singer and performer ever since I can remember. Today, I’m performing with a live band and it’s a blessing that I am able to do what I absolutely love and ENJOY it.”

On stage, hers is a bejeweled and glamorous style. You’ll see her in skirts, dresses or shorts that are easy to wear while performing, and a pair of heels, flats, or crazy sneakers!

Renee Marcou on Stage"If I could wear any piece from Wicked Peacock while performing it would be the Brushed Bilbao ring in Vermeil. I LOVE how big it is, and its twisted shape.”

Bilbao Ring

For Marcou, her personal style is ever-evolving. A mix of rocker-chic-sexy and classy, you’ll find her wearing clothes that fit her body perfectly and make her feel good. “I believe you can dress anything up with a gorgeous accessory, or a few pieces of jewelry. Every time I walk out of my house, I have a new style.”

Renee Marcou wearing Bevin Jewelry

Seen here, Marcou is wearing jewelry from Bevin Jewelry  featured on Wicked Peacock.

Get the look: Split Earrings, Moon Necklace and Geode Necklace.

Photography: Silvana Costa & Becky Brackett  || Hair: Jocelyn Wood of G20 Spa and Salon ||Make-Up: Ashley Graham of G20 Spa and Salon || Styling: Silvana Costa

Stay-tuned for part-deux of our interview with this amazing Rocker!Renee Marcou wearing e. scott originals


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