Posted: Oct 24 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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Accessory Essentials with the Ladies at Future Boston Alliance

The Future Boston Alliance office can get a little hectic. The team is on their toes, ready to drop everything and re-prioritize in a flash. Malia Lazu, Director of Future Boston, is a woman in demand who needs to be prepared for anything. Her lifestyle requires transitional accessories that can take her from the Future Boston office, to the Mayor’s office, to a six o'clock spot on Fox News, to a community meeting, to her favorite restaurant Cuchi Cuchi, or a fundraiser. For a woman with this kind of schedule, jewelry that's classic, chic and easy to wear works best.

When Malia came to Wicked Peacock seeking an “accessories intervention,” we were beyond excited to help her prepare a few desk essentials. A heels and gloss kind of girl, Malia was looking for some advice on accessories and how to wear and pair jewelry.

Silvana & Malia

In collaboration with G20 Spa and Salon’s Creative Director, stylist Marisa Camarra, and G20's Director of Marketing  Christina GallardoWicked Peacock coached Malia through the basics of accessorizing, including how to build a sleeve. "Every woman needs a sleeve, meaning bracelets that can be layered, go with everything, and reflect personal details."

Make-up, provided by G20 Spa and Salon, was a classic smoky eye which easily transitioned into evening with a darker coat of mascara and crimson lipstick with a matte finish. Malia's hair was blown straight and coiffed.

Malia getting styled at G20

Looks like NCB Jewelry's Pearl Bracelet layered with her Quartz Point Bracelet, and paired with the Quartz Cluster Necklace are staple stunners that are sophisticated and chic, adding a touch of elegance and texture to outfit.

Malia wearing NCB Jewelry on Wicked Peacock

Vermeil Swirl Earrings are a must-have for every on-the-go working woman. They'll carry you through your day and to whatever function you need to attend in the evening. These earrings pair fabulously with designs from E. Scott Originals, as seen here on Malia.

Malia wearing Sikara Swirl Earrings featured on Wicked Peacock

We were excited to have Logan Jones, founder of Beyond Measure Productions, on hand for videography.

Logan Jones of Beyond Measure Productions

Psyched that  style maven Emily Catalano, Program Manager at Future Boston Alliance, and Wicked Peacock's Director of PR + Communications, Becky Brackett, were there to join the fun and lend some tips on accessorizing on the go.

Emily Catalano and Becky Brackett

Wicked Peacock caught up with Malia to get the skinny on moving & shaking in the HUB, and here's what she had to say!

WP: You’re such an eloquent speaker, know your stuff, and are unflinching in the face of adversity. You’ve been on the news, have met the mayor, sat next to billionaires, activists, been asked some tough questions, spoke truth to power. How do you it?

Malia Lazu: I find strength in the truth and I find injustice intolerable so it is very easy to speak out against it. It actually would take more for me to not be involved.  I am an community organizer who has been blessed on my journey to meet with many different communities from all walks of life.  Looking oppressed people in the eye gives me  a strength I never knew I had.

WP: Girl, give us your secret, how do you keep your cool?

ML: Ha!  Some would say I don’t.  The older I get the more I try to make sure that my emotions don’t get in the way of my message.

WP: We had a great ladies night, with a little TLC from G20 Spa and Salon. Tell us about your experience overall. We’d love to hear what you thought of the accessories.

ML: My accessory intervention evening was magical.  It was wonderful to have a night of girls, fashion and 'pretty-up' time.  The ladies at G20Spa and Salon were amazingly talented and helped me feel like a total princess. The collection of Wicked Peacock's accessories really blew me away.  I loved the idea of creating a sleeve of bracelets and layering them with different kinds of looks depending on the day. Silvana helped me to see how to accessorize without over-accessorizing. I am nervous about wearing too many accessories and she helped me see how I could make a statement with jewelry without feeling like I was attacked by Claires.

In need of your own DESK ESSENTIALS? Here are some of Malia's favorites!

Desk Essentials

1. XL Swirl Earrings in Silver by Sikara Jewelry || 2. Quartz Point Necklace by NCB Jewelry || 3. Pearl Bracelet by NCB Jewelry || Quartz Point Bracelet by NCB Jewelry

Photography: Silvana Costa & Becky Brackett || Hair: Marisa Camarra of G20 Spa and Salon || Make-Up: Christina Gallardo of G20 Spa and Salon || Styling: Silvana Costa || Jewelry: Wicked Peacock|| Filming: Logan Jones of Beyond Measure Productions


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