Posted: Sep 19 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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NYC Fashion Week with Malgorzata Dudek

Wicked Peacock was excited to attend Polish Designer Malgorzata Dudek's runway show during Fashion Week in NYC. The event, held in a private photography studio in the heart of New York City's Fashion District, was an exclusive, standing-room only affair. Dudek, dubbed the "next McQueen" by fashion insiders, showed a highly-conceptual collection with themes of power, rigidity, intricacy, unraveling and decay.

Malgorzata Dudek 2012 | 2013

Silhouettes were structured, angular and form-fiting with sharp edges and intricate details. Every piece was cut-out or shredded, and materials included a mix of leather, lace and highly-textured, solid-colored fabrics. Models wore their hair in a tail-like dreadlock, creating an alien or super-human kind of look.

Taken from @Martin_MUA

The show closed with the collection's Queen, wearing futuristic sunglasses by Polish sunglass maverick, Slav Nowsad. Shoes, designed by Zack Lo, were delicate stilettos accented with fringe and spikes--totally wearable off the runway!

Malgorzata Dudek

Dudek talks with Polish reporters after the show about her  inspiration and materials.

Malgorzata Dudek

In the audience...Boston faces!

Joseph Gualtiere from Uptempo Magazine, as well as shoe designer Zack Lo. Silvana Costa from Wicked Peacock wearing a selection of jewelry from Sikara, and jewelry designer Magdalena Stokalska.

Joseph Gualtiere from Uptempo Magazine

Zack Lo

Magdalena Stokalska & Silvana Costa

Photography || Silvana Costa


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