Posted: Oct 12 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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Café Culture: Creativity & Caffeine

[caption id="attachment_842" align="aligncenter" width="717"]Cafe Culture photo taken at L'Aroma Newbury by WP's Becky Brackett[/caption]

"I'd much rather hang out in cafe. That's where things are really happening." - Joe Sacco, artist & journalist

If you asked me about my ideal October day it would include a warm pumpkin spiced latte, a cozy sweater, and a bit of work for Wicked Peacock with a side of people watching. Cafes are home to some serious fashionistas and we've seen some serious accessories! We're always scouting other people's "looks" to find new designer talent and inspiration.

In the fall there's nothing better than commandeering your own small table and cozying up in a cafe. There's something about the combination of caffeine and the comforting atmosphere that promotes creativity and inspires big dreams and ideas. As natural hubs for creative types, there's something about cafes and coffeehouses that bring out the poet, artist, intellectual and dreamer in everyone. I'm so thankful that I live in a city that offers so many great options to choose from.

When Silvana asked me to be a part of Wicked Peacock I knew that it would require a huge dedication of hours, time and energy...but I didn't immediately consider just how many meetings it would take. Luckily, at WP a meeting means something much different than the standard connotation. We've got such a creative and style-savvy team that always vibes off one another and somehow I always leave feeling more inspired and driven than when I walked in. While working for a start-up is a world of endless possibility and positivity, making things happen when you don't have an office space to call your own is quite a feat. We've quickly come to learn that Wi-Fi is a precious gift not to be taken for granted. When we find a location that offers steaming hot lattes AND a fast internet connection we quickly become their best customers.

Here's a rundown of the joints that top our list:

: One of our all-time favorites! We made L'Aroma our home base on the day of our very first Wicked Peacock shoot in 2009 (when WP was just a line of headpieces and fascinators). The shoot was beyond rogue and even though it was a busy Sunday the staff graciously let us use their bathrooms for outfit changes. We are forever grateful and even though Wicked Peacock has drastically evolved, we're still getting our coffees from L'Aroma.

L. A. Burdick
L. A. Burdick: I love meeting at the Harvard Square location surrounded by college students hard at work or taking a break to socialize. This is the place to head when you need respite from the cold. A large hot chocolate and a plate of "Luxembourgers" (macarons) always does the trick. If Cambridge isn't your hood - they've also just opened a new location in Back Bay.

Trident Booksellers & Cafe
Trident Booksellers & Cafe: Somehow for our full team meetings we always end up at Trident. A triple threat, Trident combines a cafe, book store, and incredible "perpetual brunch" menu. We recommend the Apple Brie Omelet and the new Banana & Caramel Stuffed Pancakes. Another major plus is that they are open 7 days a week from 8:00 am to midnight.

the Trendy Dwarf

Here in Boston we've got some amazing local I can only imagine how many fabulous options there are in NYC. We've tapped Michael Tornato, the photographer and blogger behind The Trendy Dwarf to cover his favorite spots in New York City for us. Michael has an incredible eye for style and snaps what he loves and shares on his blog. He finds beauty in the details and captures inspired fashion from the street.

Here are two of Michael's favorite places to hang:

Linger Cafe & Lounge: "Walking into Linger Cafe & Lounge in Brooklyn, New York feels like walking into home with the exception of the ever-present rich coffee scent. Unlike walking into a Starbucks where the interior design is methodically thought of, Linger does not have such an appearance. Linger has a random assortment of couches and tables that look good as a whole, much like home. Not only does the coffee shop look and feel like home, but the customer service is unmatched. The baristas attend both customers at the counter and sitting down by constantly refilling your glass with water and asking you what more you may want. It's the perfect place to get away from all the constant movement of New York City. It's a home away from home."

Le Pain Quotidien: "Le Pain Quotidien is not your typical coffee fact it isn't even a coffee shop! It's technically a bakery which happens to serve excellent coffee. Despite it not being a coffee shop, it still has the coffee shop feel to it. Everything they sell is organic and delicious. The service is excellent and the ambiance very light and relaxing. Next time you need to get work done or simply enjoy a healthy treat with coffee...consider going to Le Pain Quotidien."


We’d love to hear about your favorite haunts whether in Boston, NYC or elsewhere! Where's your favorite nook to cozy up? Who makes the best latte?


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