Posted: Sep 05 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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Wicked Peacock heads to Providence Style Week

Wicked Peacock headed to Providence, Rhode Island's Biltmore Hotel for the last day of Style Week Northeast to preview the Accessories Showcase and catch the last three Spring|Summer 2013 Runway shows.

Style Week NortheastAccessories, mostly from Rhode Island designers, included gypsy-style head scarves custom made on-site from assorted vibrantly-colored fabrics.

Gypsy-Style Head Scarves

On trend for fall were baubles made from rhinestones and mixed metal, silver-plated brass, synthetic leather and lots of studs.

Rhinestones & Mixed Metal

Synthetic Leather & Studs

Friday's shows were a mix of tropical fabrics, body-hugging silhouettes, short dresses, culminating in a "secretary-gone-rogue," hip-hop-style runway performance by Jonathan Joseph Peters.

Hope MacDonald

Hair for the Hope MacDonald show was sleek and clean, while Sarah Prost and Jonathan Joseph Peters showcased models with big hair and hair accessories. Men's hair was mowhawk-inspired messy with unique colorizing.

Hair was Big and Bold, even for men

Spotted on the runway for Sarah Prost was jewelry from one of Wicked Peacock's favorite designers, Magdalena Stokalska. Prost's collection for Yellow Clover, which was inspired by Slovenian colors and textures, included bright hues, embroidered details and sheer fabrics.

Accessories from Magdalena StokalskaThe Jonathan Joseph Peters 2013 collection was casual, wearable and bright. The show boasted eccentric hair ornamentation and one-piece futuristic-style jumpers. Accessories stood-out as BIG and URBAN with an AFRIKANA meets 1950's HOUSEWIFE flair. The show was a performance piece in that models lip-synched down the runway into cell-phones turned mics. Hysterical! xo

Jonathan Joseph Peters

Jonathan Joseph Peters

Jonathan Joseph Peters

Guests included Boston-legend, Marilyn Riseman, 85, the iconic Boston socialite and fashion maven wearing signature kabuki make-up and bob, an all red suit, and Chanel sunglasses.

Marilyn RisemanWicked Peacock's Silvana Costa and Designer Magdalena Stokalska snap a shot together after the show.

Magdalena Stokalska and Silvana Costa


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