Posted: Aug 17 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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Le Diner en Blanc, Boston

Wicked Peacock had the pleasure of attending Boston's first Le Diner en Blanc, an elegant outdoor picnic where all attendees dress in white. In addition to the all-white dress code, guest have to bring their own table, chairs, picnic baskets including a first and main course, white table linens and white china, flower centerpieces, and votive candles.

[caption id="attachment_545" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Wicked Peacock at Le Diner en Blanc Silvana & Becky of WP dressed and ready to dine![/caption]

The tradition started in Paris France, as a simple outdoor dinner with friends, and has now become secret dining sensation in many major international cities.

Held in an undisclosed public location, the picnic is an extremely mysterious affair. Until the minute-of, diners are not told where the picnic will be, and are guided by a group leader each step of the way.


Crowd at Le Diner en Blanc

The gentlemen were dressed to impress, many in white fedoras, crisp white shirts, ascots, bow-ties and white handkerchiefs. Ladies adorned with delightful hats and feathered headpieces.

Le Diner en Blanc

Boston's first Diner en Blanc was held on the lawn of the Courthouse by the Waterfront in the Innovation District. The view was a breathtaking mix of skyline, sailboats, courthouse architecture, elaborate table settings and impressively-dressed Bostonians, whose fashions ranged from Nantucket chic to Mid-Summer's night dream. Upon arriving at the site, the 700 diners set their tables while Jazz musicians played in the background. To attend the party, guests brought all of their own tableware and entrees.

Crowd at Le Diner en BlancCrowd at Le Diner en Blanc

Crowd at Le Diner en Blanc

Balloons at Le Diner en Blanc

We 'll see you at Diner en Blanc next year!


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