Posted: Sep 06 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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What's Next for Jewelry by Jurate

Lithuanian-born jewelry designer Jurate began making jewelry accidentally. Sparked by an idea for a necklace, she discovered her passion for jewelry design and technique, and now cannot imagine doing anything else. Currently based in Long Beach, California, Jurate’s jewelry is West coast chic, bohemian and sophisticated and colorful and edgy. She works with luxe leathers, imported hardware and semi-precious stones for bold accessories that are perfect for layering yet stand alone as single statement pieces.

Jewelry by Jurate

“My goal is to create statement pieces that flatter and make women feel confident.”

Inspired by Russian opulence and the musician Ellie Goulding, Jurate has a background in Fashion from a Lithuanian school where she was influenced by industrial and edgy design.  When designing jewelry, she works on several pieces simultaneously so that she can better harness her creativity.

For her upcoming collection we can look forward to soft leather, luxurious colors for winter, wide bracelets and chunky hardware.

Double Wide Leather Wrap in Cobalt

We can’t wait! xo


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