Posted: Aug 31 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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Catching Up with Christen Mitchell

Christen Mitchell is a Jill-of-All-Things style. Her CV includes work as personal and editorial stylist, Blogger, and fashion A++, and she's also focusing on a jewelry line, c|a|m. Wicked Peacock met Christen when she first moved to Boston, and fell in love with her West-Coast-chic, relaxed and confident style.

Admittedly, Mitchell likes to shake things up and dress outside her comfort-zone whenever possible. Her apartment—which she shares with her beau and dog, Roxy—is like your dream closet, brimming with racks of clothes and walls of jewelry. Think: YES, she’s got that!

Christen Mitchell wearing Magdalena Stokalska

Featured, here wearing Boston-based designer Magdalena Stokalska.

We recently caught-up with Christen for the skinny on her style-savvy.

WP: WP considers your Blog a go-to site for all things fabulous in fashion. You've got a great eye and post really cool pictures. How do you chose your content?

CM: My list of blogs I read is seriously endless. As I see stuff on other blogs and even on Instagram I book mark it so I am never short on content.

WP: How can you tell when someone has style? When someone is faking it?

CM: I make a concerted effort not to judge anyone's fashions. I truly believe that if you are dressing authentic to yourself you can't go wrong. If someone is trying to fake their fashion though it's so obvious because they are always looking around for a reaction to what they are wearing.

WP: What is the tackiest thing you own is? Why do you secretly love it?

CM: OH GOD I own so many tacky things! That's the most fun part about how I dress. I wear things I like and I don't give a **** if anyone else likes it. My most recent tacky purchase however was probably my muscle leggings from Black Milk Clothing that I love to rock mainly in the gym, but keep an eye out for them on the street as well.

WP: Name the one piece in your jewelry box that you can't live without?

CM: I have a bunch of simple band rings that I love to stack as well as my beaded wrap bracelets I made from a bunch of beads I got in Maui. Those are my staple pieces.

WP: What do you have more of, clothes or jewelry?

Clothes probably.

CM: It's hard to tell though because the clothes just take up so much room!

WP: If you could style anyone, who would it be? What would you put on them?

CM: I decided I don't enjoy styling others. Instead I'd rather style creative projects and create more of an artistic statement that people can translate to street-wear if they choose.

WP: What is a fashion no-no in your book?

CM: Depends on who you are but coming from Minnesota one people break all the time is the socks and Birkenstocks look. That would be one that is just a no-no across the board no matter who you are.

WP: What's your #1 rule for putting an outfit together?

CM: Dress for your mood.


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