Posted: Jul 17 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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Wicked Peacock Live

 It is with excitement and gratitude that we go live with our beta site Wicked Peacock, an on-line marketplace featuring the work of emerging accessory designers from across the United States.

 Who we are & what we do:  At Wicked Peacock, we LOVE accessories, and value style and quality. We seek to connect emerging designers with people who look for distinctive, hand-made, high-quality accessories. We pride ourselves on our  CURATORIAL EDGE and HIGH STANDARDS of excellence, hand-selecting all of the pieces and designers on the site. We are committed to fostering and celebrating artisan entrepreneurship, and do as much as we can to promote our selection of designers.

[caption id="attachment_292" align="aligncenter" width="710"]Wicked Peacock Launch Photo Featuring Jewelry by Magdalena Stokalska and Silvana Costa[/caption]

Wicked Peacock’s is an evolution story. What was originally Wicked Peacock Designs, an independent jewelry label, the company grew when founder, Silvana Costa, had an epiphany.

“I was in my studio visioning Wicked Peacock, watching it become something bigger than myself designing jewelry. It came to focus as a style, a way of being and expression. From that moment, I knew Wicked Peacock wasn’t just about me or my jewelry anymore. The vision was to create a e-commerce platform showcasing and promoting the work of amazingly talented designers.”

Wicked Peacock Launch BLOG post

From there, we went to it—finding a Developer, sourcing talent, building relationships and getting all of the logistics together to make the dream a reality. And what a whirlwind of fabulous—barrels of laughs, crazy 4am e-mails (that is our founder up at 4am crazily e-mailing people), lists galore, a couple of Alt-Delete disasters, and many a photo-shoot wardrobe malfunction. Whatever the challenge we faced it with a smile, our mantra remaining: Do it for the Peacock!

Wicked Peacock Launch BLOG Post

Wicked Peacock luvvs and thanks all of the Peacocks out there--and everyone who’s been involved over the years helping to bring this vision to life! We hope you enjoy our selection of designers and accessories!

We are so grateful especially to our friends and family for their encouragement, support and luv along the way!

xoxo Silvana & the Wicked Peacock Team 


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