Posted: Sep 03 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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Blazer of Glory: Style Break with Blogger Guida Marcucci

Guida Marcucci—whose style BLOG,, is one of our faves—features fashion-savvy Bostonians in hopes of disproving the myth: “People in Boston don’t know how to dress.” Her personal sense of style is anything but conservative, combining bold colors, textures, exotic prints and killah shoes with classic pieces for look that’s on-its-game.

Guida Marcucci wearing Wicked Peacock

Guida is not afraid to have fun with her wardrobe, and often cuts, bleaches and adds studs to basic pieces to create funky looks that suit her unique personality. Her style cues come from icons like Gwen Stefani, and Guida strongly believes in the YSL adage, “Fashion fades, style remains.”

Guida Marcucci wearing Wicked Peacock

We spoke with Guida recently about her BLOG, her style and her Friday night go-to spot for fun on the town in Boston.

WP: Yours is a style Blog, and has some amazingly fresh looks. How can you tell when someone has style?

GM: When their outfit has a personality. Of course, I love a really bold, fashion-forward, unique outfit but you have to be a particular kind of person to pull it off.

WP: In your opinion, what’s the difference between fashion and style?

GM: Anyone can dress in the latest trends, but style is something you can't buy. Style is something you either have or don't.

WP: It’s unstylish when…..

Girls don't dress for the current season. Open toed shoes, no tights, and a mini dress in January looks ridiculous. I get that girls want to look sexy but trying too hard is never sexy. Put on some tights, thigh high socks, and booties with that mini and it’s just as sexy.

WP: Name three pieces in your closet that you simply can’t live without?

GM: That's tough because it would really depend on the season, but in general I would have to say...Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers! I've been wearing them since I was a toddler! A black blazer is always a staple because it can transform any outfit and is always a safe go-to piece! And my faux fur winter jacket because it's way more comfortable than an itchy Pea-coat and is actually really warm!

WP: It’s Friday night—where can we find you?

GM: Stoddard's on Temple Street in Down Town Crossing. I love the overall ambiance of the place. It has a really hip vibe, friendly staff, delicious food, and seriously amazing cocktails!

WP: What is your daily mantra?

GM: You'll sleep when you die! This is how I'll guilt my friends into coming out with me when they are too tired. I think we all realize life is too short and fragile, so you might as well look good doing it!

Guida Marcucci wearing Wicked Peacock

Photography: Silvana Costa || Styling: Guida Marcucci || Jewelry: Silvana Costa and e.scott originals


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