Posted: Apr 10 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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Look Book: Friendship Bracelets

Silvana Costa of the Wicked Peacock team and Fashion Blogger Nicolle Saylor got together for a friendship kind of neon shoot. "We pulled into this abandon lot, saw the motorcycle, and I said to Nicolle, 'Um, yeah!' The location was super sketchy. I really think we were spray painting the door to a some kind of secret clubhouse. There were people inside that didn't come out. They had to have known we were there."

The photo shoot, which was as vibrant as it was spontaneous, features fun and flirty friendship and string bracelets from Boston-based designer, Silvana Costa. This fun, summer bracelet is the perfect touch of neon!

 Vintage pewter anchor attached to a self-adjusting nylon string bracelet. Worn as a single strand or layered with bangles, watches and friendship bands.

 We say, "Ahoy" or "Brrrrrrrroooommmmm, Brrrrrooommm!"

  xo Wicked Peacock


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