Posted: Aug 12 2012
by: wickedpeacock

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Behind the Scenes With With Chrissy & Lisa Zogalis, Hair and Make-Up Mavens

The Zogalis sisters  are no strangers to double takes. Identical twin hair and make-up artists with an edgy Boho-rock-&-roll style, their look is a mix of girly and grunge, complete with full arm sleeve tatts, piercings, and big, radiant smiles. Taking their style cues from the likes of the Olsen twins, Bianca Jagger, Brigitte Bardot, Erin Wasson, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Natasha Poly, theirs is a gritty-glam look that says: yes, please!         

Zogalis Twins on Set with Wicked Peacock

Zogalis Twins on Set with Wicked Peacock

“We love making people feel beautiful everyday. That’s what makes this industry so wonderful and what keeps us motivated. To have someone really love a look that you've created especially for them is the best feeling in the world.”

Whether working at the salon, on magazine editorials, TV commercials, or styling their celeb cousin, Jojo, for the Red Carpet, the Zogalis twins are at the top of their game, and are certainly on-track to becoming celebs in their own right. “This has always been our passion. When we were little, we would always do each other’s hair. Even in college, we were the ones to get our friends ready for dances and parties, and then scramble last-minute to put our own looks together."

Between Boston and LA, the twins admit that although Boston is home, LA has better weather and more opportunities to do high-profile work with celebrity clients. Currently, the twins both work at Luxe Lab at the Glen, in Bel Air, California, and take clients on a bi-monthly basis at G20 Spa & Salon in Boston. “We’ve also been lucky to have our Boston salon, G2O, send us to NYC a few times for different classes on coloring, styling and cutting.” The girls specialize in Balayage color processing, and custom hair extensions and weaving, in addition to braiding.

Zogalis Twins on Set with Wicked Peacock

“What really impresses me about these girls,” says WP's Silvana Costa, “aside from the fact that they are just pure love, is their utter attention to detail. The wrong shade of pink, at the end of the day, looks bad in photos. And the twins just know when something isn’t right, like a sixth sense.”

Zogalis Twins on set with Wicked Peacock

 Inspired by runway looks, celebrity culture, and all things beautiful, the girls are natural trend-spotters and are always experimenting with color palettes, new styles and techniques. “We also like to put a spin on trends so that they transpire to everyday life.”

Wicked Peacock featuring Magdalena Stokalska

Wicked Peacock has had the pleasure of working with the twins on multiple occasions, and is excited for what’s possible in the future. Longtime friend and fellow stylist, Marisa Camarra, brought the girls onto the Wicked Peacock beauty team at the beginning of the year. Marisa looks to the twins as a "dream duo, and immensely talented. True artists of hair and makeup."

Zogalis Twins

We caught up with the twins on set of a Wicked Peacock photo shoot, to get a few insider tidbits….

WP: What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen on a shoot?

ZT: We were on location in Laguna Beach and shooting in some shallow water and rocks. The model kept feeling a pinching sensation on her bum and thought it was a pointy rock, when in fact it was a crab! Ha!

WP: Hysterical. Rogue crabs on set! Ok, tell us, if you could do Hair and Make Up for anyone, who would it be?

ZT: Hands down, Gwen Stefani. She has been an inspiration to us since we first saw her perform live in 1994. She is the epitome of style and has continued to evolve throughout her 20 year career. Her hair and make-p is always flawless even when she’s dressed down, playing with her kids. We admire her even more because she’s been in the limelight for so long and has stayed away from controversy and self-destruction. We adore her. In fact, we share the same birthday!

Thanks so much, ladies! We can’t wait for the next shoot! xoxoxo

Photography, Marisa Camarra || Behind-the-scenes photos, Silvana Costa


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